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Students and Staff, we are pleased to share that we have adopted ClassLink, a single sign-on platform that will allow you to use one username and password to access everything you need.

ClassLink Pelham Launchpad:
ClassLink LaunchPad is an online service that allows Pelham to provide staff and students instant access to a growing library of digital resources. These include single sign-on for services like Discovery Education, BrainPOP, Castle LEarning, Google Apps etc. (which means after you log in for the first time, the system will no longer ask for your information). This means you are automatically signed in when you launch the app from your desktop. You can add your own apps to this section by visiting our App library, adding your own web links as apps, and creating folders.

ClassLink Pelham Launchpad: Adding the Classlink Oneclick extension to Chrome Browser.
Please follow the steps in this document to add the oneclick extension to your chrome web browser.

You can now access your network files from home,teachers can share them, and it is mobile compatable!

Follow or copy and paste this link in a new browser window:

Novell Filr allows you to easily access all your files and folders from your desktop, browser, or a mobile device. In addition, teachers can promote collaboration by sharing files and folders with others.

You will be brought to the log-in page. Use your username and password that you use to access the network from school.

Login Screenshot

FAQ: How do I set up my mobile device?: click here

If you have any questions, email - When making an enquiry, please include FILR in your subject line.

CAST Website
CAST is a nonprofit education research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning. Universal design for learning (UDL) is a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn. Watch the video below to get an overview of UDL.

National Center on Universal Design for Learning
Website with resources for educators on how to implement aspects of Universal Design for Learning into their teaching and learning environment.

Gmail Help Center
A majority of your Gmail questions can be answered here at Google's Gmail Help Center Page.

Gmail Tips and Tricks
Directions for accessing group contact lists such as "All District Staff." 

How to Access Group Contact Lists
Directions for accessing group contact lists such as "All District Staff.

How to Automatically Forward Incoming Messages to Multiple e-Mail Addresses in G-Mail
Google only allows users to forward to one e-mail address. To work around this limitation please follow the steps in this document. 

How to Create Group eMail Lists in Google 

How to Prevent G-Mail from Timing Out

How to Receive Notifications about New Messages from G-mail 

How to Set Up Gmail on Android Phone
Please follow these directions to set up Gmail on your Android Phone. District Technology Staff cannot assist you with your personal communication device. 

How to Set Up Gmail on Apple Devices
Please follow these directions to set up Gmail on your Apple Devices. District Technology Staff cannot assist you with your personal communication device.

Google App Status
If you are having trouble with any Google App (Gmail, Docs, Slides, etc.) please check here first to see if a problem has been reported. This page offers performance information for Google Apps services. Unless otherwise noted, this status information applies to consumer services as well as services for organizations using Google Apps.

Google Apps For Education Resources
If you have any questions about how to use any Google App (Gmail, Drive, Google Docs, etc.) this is a great place to begin.

Google Classroom Help Center
Website with resources to assist you in using Google Classroom.

Google Calendar Help Center 
Contains support for topics such as sharing, syncing, and troubleshooting steps for Google Calendar. 

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks 

How to Sync Your Gmail Calendar on your iPhone 

Sharing your Google Calendar 
Directions explaining how to share your Google Calendar

Overview of Student Portal 
Video that provides an overview of the Infinite Campus portal for parents and students.

Accessing the Portal:To access the Portal, click here: Infinite Campus Portal 

Parent Resources

Chromebook Presentation  
PDF of a Powerpoint describing the major components of the Chromebook program. 

Chromebook Insurance Rider  
Information from Worth Avenue Group describing coverage terms of the OPTIONAL Chromebook Insurance Program. PLEASE NOTE: THE DISTRICT PROCESSES ALL CLAIMS-PARENTS SHOULD NOT SUBMIT THE DEVICE TO THE COMPANY. Bring all devices to Room 116D in the High School for claim processing. 

Google's Privacy Statment 
Information about Google's Data Privacy Policy 

How Does a Student Receive a Loaner Chromebook  

How to Print from a Chromebook  

Student Resources

Chromebook Acceptable Use Policy 
Document for students and parents to review and sign. This policy outlines the expectations the District has for students use of Chromebooks. 

Chromebook App Descriptions  
Document describing apps students have access to through their Chromebooks. 

Chromebook/Google Apps for Education FAQ  
This document provides parents/students with answers to frequently asked questions about our Chromebook/GAFE project. 

Example of a Chromebook Printer  
This image can help you identify printers (based on labels) that you can print to from your Chromebook. 

Google Chromebook Help Center 
Students can access a number of help topics related to Chromebooks. 

How Does a Student Receive a Loaner Chromebook  

How to Access Apps on Your Chromebook  

How to Access Equation Symbols on the Chromebook/Google Docs  

How To Print at School From Your Chromebook  
How To Print at School From Your Chromebook 

How to Print from a Chromebook at Home  
This document addresses how to connect certain home printers so you can print from your Chromebook. 

How to Submit a Google Doc to the eChalk Dropbox  

How to Write Accents with the Chromebook Keyboard 
This 2 minute video shows how to change your settings to enable the International Keyboard. This will allow you to write with accents. 

Locations of Chromebook Enabled Printers HS-MS.pdf  
This document will tell you the location of printers in the HS/MS that are able handle print jobs from your Chromebook. 

Presentation from Student Google User Group 9/8/14 
PDF file of a presentation given on 9/8/14 that provides an overview of the 8th and 9th Grade Chromebook project. 

Printing From Chrome 
Extra Information on How To Print From Chrome 

How to Add Students to Raz Kids/Learning A-Z- Teacher Document  
Document describing how teachers can add students to our Raz Kids/Learning A-Z application.

Exemplar Map  
Exemplar on what a quality map can look like.

Teacher Training on Atlas Basics  
Please utilize this document to provide you with instructions on how to use Rubicon Atlas to map your curriculum.

Unit Rubric- Self Assessment/Peer Review  
Rubric that can be used to by teachers to assess a map for quality characteristics.

SmartNotebook Home Access  
Teachers: Please use this document to download a copy of SmartNotebook 14/15 on your home computer.

Staff Acceptable Use Policy 
Staff members must read and sign the signature page stating that they will abide by the Board of Education's Policy on acceptable uses of computer resources. Once signed, this document will remain in effect until the associated Board Policy is changed. Starting in the 2015/2016 school year, only new staff should sign this form and return to the Technology Department Room 116D in the HS.

Student Acceptable Use Policy  
Students must read and sign the signature page stating that they will abide by the Board of Education's Policy on acceptable uses of computer resources.

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